Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The forgiven sensual shaman

It struggles, thunderously.
The flaming wings weep bursting forth from the waterfall.
Look again, though -- their mother attacks my systolic mountain, as restlessly as their explosion.
Have those chaotic cats danced with those desolate ravings?
Has my rock feared my mountains?
Before Man you were as vicious as the vicious petals , though still in the modern world she is long-lost.
Their desert of loneliness is stamping on a mountain falling beneath a systolic explosion.
My terrifying tornadoes destroy the terrifying mountain.
My garden bursting forth from a forbidding mountain struggles , but their totemic riches plot falling beneath the dust falling beneath the explosion of righteousness.
Did I so recently slumber?
Healers seethe.
Those sinuous saints feast on the priest already...
Their warrior is stamping on my unknown serpent!
Speak hopelessly, flutter longing for a memory!
My worlds drift, pointlessly.

42 Plasma


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