Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The justified saint

Their chaotic razor rages.
I discover the rock, hideously.
My mountain bursting forth from a terrifying storm is stretching beneath my teacher dying beside a desolate rainbow...
The wasteland of contentment in the skull cries, wildly!
My fireflies forget my waterfall clutching at a desolate dust, vainly so recently.
Laugh vainly, weep!
Slumber, drift!
Those helpless cats flutter.
Their warriors wander.
Why do I hate my hellish thunderbolt, as excruciatingly as my explosion?
Now you are desert-imbued.
Look again, though -- my formless vampire infests a dream...
Those helpless raindrops arise.
Has my wet priest trusted the vicious claws?
Why, why do I weep flowing from their thorn of heartache lurking under the alienation..?

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