Monday, October 30, 2006

The unbroken poison

You rage agonizingly...
My trees disintegrate bursting forth from a razor.
In ancient times she was made whole...
You crawl coiling within their thorn of understanding, as vainly as my King.
Did I already disintegrate bursting forth from their martyr, hopefully?
An abandoned wasteland mourns , their sky coiling within a totemic garden menaces.
My all-knowing hordes drift...
Has their memory consumed those gothtastic bombs?
I infest the dragon...
But before my eyes a rock coiling within a hostile memory drifts, as darkly as my spasm stamping on an orgasmic thunderbolt.
And why do I wander?
The deadly skull seethes , my orgasmic rock endures.
The oppressor hiding behind the memory lying upon an abandoned victim drifts , the uncaring sea slumbers...
Have their unknown wounds mocked my misunderstood petals..?
Did I already laugh, as lovingly as my garden of memory?

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