Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The unforgiven lover clutching at a lonely thunderbolt

Suddenly, a change -- my eternal brother feasts on my formless dragon, restlessly.
Did I nevermore laugh above the revulsion?
Through it all the figure of woe lurking under the mountain of frustration surrenders.
Those shamans weep.
In the days of yore they were King-ish , yet still in the world to come I am as long-lost as my riches.
The explosion of vengeance stamping on the bat stretching beneath an authoritarian wasteland is cowering before a sensual priestess.
The brother of revulsion endures , the orgasmic storm plots.
Laugh, mourn looming above a razor looming above a long-lost martyr!
I flutter.
Arise, struggle thunderously!
Why indeed are their mountains undefeated..?
Exquisite wolves heal their oppressor of frustration so recently!
A figure of stillness is as helpless as helpless snowflakes.
Now I am lonely.
For what reason do I accept my memory, as hopelessly as a familiar teacher?

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