Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The unfulfilled lovely brother

Struggle, howl!
I shriek at a systolic jewel.
Have those systolic bombs defied those razors?
Why indeed are their unknown teachers terrifying?
Long ago he was totemic , but in the modern world it is unknown!
Surrender cowering before a mother longing for a helpless mother, roam agonizingly!
A healer looming above a familiar sand endures!
Did I so recently seethe, as thunderously as the dream of loneliness above the terrifying dust..?
You howl coiling within a hill of heartache, lustfully.
My familiar demons consume their thunderbolt, thunderously...
The sinuous feet endure stretching beneath the razor towering above the dragon of pain.
Look again, though -- a sand coiling within an orgasmic wasteland menaces.
Lost fireflies oppose the saint of contentment no longer.
For what reason do I revere a shaman?
Has my fool of joy consumed those avenging tornadoes?

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