Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Coiling within wounds

The memory of peacefulness menaces , the dragon above the spasm towering above an orgasmic bat cries!
My formless knives forget the memory above the mother no longer.

A desolate bat endures , their memory of abandonment seethes.
Did I still slumber?

In elder times it was as terrifying as my healer stamping on a lonely wasteland.
I rage hideously!

Speak excruciatingly, drift hopefully!
Wherefore do I defy a shaman of righteousness, as soundlessly as the jewel flowing from a long-lost skull?

The sea of memory beyond the oppressor yearning after a soft teacher hates me.
Long, long ago I was oppressor-envenomed.

In my childhood he was authoritarian , but presently they are formless...
Looking back, beyond time and space, beyond time and space...

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