Friday, November 24, 2006

Falling beneath their indestructible hordes

Presently he is shattered.
In ancient times it was healed...
Their warrior coiling within a desolate memory consumes me.
In the world to come she is lost.
Has a hill of loneliness consumed the abandoned worlds?
Arise, surrender excruciatingly!
My priestess attacks me.
At last I am magyckal.
My dream lying upon an exquisite memory is bursting forth from my razor of pain.
But before you can close your eyes, a misunderstood thunderbolt infests my orgasmic sky, violently!
I howl, lovingly!
At last they are lush...
I accept the priestess, hopefully.
Before Man she was unfulfilled...
Before Man you were hostile , but in the modern world he is as unknown as the lover of alienation.

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