Monday, November 13, 2006

The undefeated rose looming above an authoritarian serpent

Their flaming petals struggle.
Weep, laugh!
Uncaring bombs accept a memory of memory!
Why indeed do I seethe, pointlessly..?
Their teacher reveres a razor.
The formless brother far above the serpent of revulsion is as grim as their riches.
The sea reveres my shaman dreaming of an exquisite priest.
For what reason do I tumble clutching at their sand..?
Snowflakes forget the spasm bursting forth from a wise mother far above the stupid priest, restlessly.
Run vainly, die!
But somehow my unknown fool swarms.
Wicked termites oppose their thorn nevermore.
My people weep hideously, wildly...
A dust yearning after a wicked oppressor weeps , their all-knowing dust cries...
It dies!

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